ARROE COLLINS Interviews Janet Luongo on Release of Rebellion, 1967.

Arroe hosts two podcasts. View from the Writing Instrument, and Totally Unplugged and Uncut.

The names of his podcasts sounded interesting and the authors I heard him interviewed were topnotch. When he invited me to be on his national podcast that reaches 1,417,620 people a month, I felt honored. And also nervous.  I was surprised and relieved he started our interview on July 31, 2021 with a joke. Arroe has an easy going temperament and his melodious voice relaxed me and it felt like we were just having a one on one conversation. I hope you listen in. And leave a message.

For me, the best part about writing and publishing is the outreach to readers, listeners. It’s all about developing relationships. – Janet

LISTEN HERE: Arroe Collins: Janet Luongo Releases Rebellion, 1967: Interview