Welcome. You will find examples of my writing and art works, and can contact me to give a reading or a talk about the creative process. Read excerpts of my intense coming of age story. Do exercises to increase your creativity from my book, 365 Daily Affirmations on Creativity. View my gallery of visual art and photographic celebrations of nature. Watch video of my interaction with college students in China and urban youth at a Connecticut art museum; hear feminist artists, health coaches in Costa Rica, and expats in Ecuador.  I welcome your comments on my blog.
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MEMOIR: Sex & Race in the Summer of Love, ’67. Summary: A seventeen year old on her own in New York City gets involved in the civil rights movement in 1966-67 and works for new black friends – an artist, neurosurgeon, and attractive activist. She volunteers in a ghetto, marches with Dr. Martin Luther King, drops out of college to study art, runs away from her broken family with a saxophone player in search of love and freedom only to find heart-break, poverty and danger. (Seeking publication.) Read Excerpts
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Exploring questions that fascinate me – what motivated my actions, how  freedom struggles of the Sixties affected me, why families get so crazy? – led to memoir. Curiosity about the creative process of artists, scientists, visionaries led to my book, 365 Daily Affirmations for Creativity, now published in five countries. My passion for the arts led to publication in books and magazines. My imagination and dreams led to writing stories and novels. Desire to share my writing on memoir, art and transformation led to this blog.
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View my paintings, drawings, and photographs in my gallery. My style is expressionistic, usually figurative, of people or natural forms that attract my eye and spark my spirit. I revel in color. Born in NYC, I was influenced by the New York School; living in Europe, I studied modern masters and exhibited in Geneva and Paris. Living in Connecticut, I founded a non-profit for women artists and exhibited in New York. The featured large oil painting, “Amazing Flying Artist Teacher,” combines dream imagery, children’s art and the color of Matisse.
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I give readings from my memoir and talk about creativity and resiliency to audiences that include baby boomers, women, students, and people who want to recover, express their authentic selves and transform their lives. I speak at colleges and schools, hospitals, businesses, conferences, retreats, museums, spiritual centers and places of worship. My talks include visuals, stories, humor, and audience participation. Watch videos of my talks in China and the U.S. I was president of the National Speakers Association NYC chapter.
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I coach people on how to transform unhealthy habits so they can lead whole lives. My experience taught me recovery and change is possible. After  breaking down in my teens, I finished a masters, launched a career in arts and education, married and had a child – all things doctors told me would be unlikely. Inspired by art, literature, Unitarian-Universalists, yoga, Shanti Mission and integrative health practices, I specialize in the visioning process and offer guidance in self-care, self-expression, love and forgiveness, and spiritual meditation.
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